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Santa Claus coming to town?


'Tis the season to party ladies and gentle-elves! If you’ve been tasked with putting together your works Christmas do or are responsible for organising a suitably festive Christmas party, then you will likely want to show your Christmas-loving colleagues a very merry old time! The Benedicts are great friends of Mr Claus & Co. and are officially endorsed by the big red man himself, bringing a super special Christmas sparkle to hundreds of Christmas parties across the country. Come rain, snow or shine, The Benedicts will gift-wrap the perfect package for your Christmas do, ensuring that even the Scrooge’s and Christmas Turkey’s among your guests will quickly unleash that long-dormant holiday spirit and find themselves wrapped head-to-toe in tinsel, rockin’ around the Christmas tree!



Check out the band’s services page to see how you can put together the perfect entertainment package for your Christmas party!

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The long-overdue arrival of December sees all those Christmassy classics return to the band’s repertoire and DJ playlists for you to choose from, while Christmas decorations flicker and sparkle away on stage, adding that ageless Christmas theme. The band will work with you, your venue and fellow suppliers tirelessly to ensure that your events entertainment is the talk of all Christmases to come!


So get in touch now to guarantee the Christmas party of a lifetime!