Throwing a Halloween party but are haunted by frightful visions of a dead dancefloor surrounded by lifeless, fun-starved zombies? Then turn those ghostly party-poopers into screaming party-spooksters by treating them to a thrillingly wicked Halloween extravaganza, courtesy of The Benedicts!


All Hallows Eve is one of the most magical periods in the band’s calendar and they certainly do get into the spirit of things. The band conjure up some of the most Spooktacular Halloween themed tunes, each guaranteed to put a spell on your guests and swamp that dancefloor with a horde of creepy creatures. Throw in a specially crafted Halloween DJ playlist that’s to die for and you’ve got the recipe for one hell of party! All The Benedicts ask for in return are your souls… although a sea of pearly-white fangs smiling back at them should also just about do the trick.


The band own a cauldron full of frightful fabrics and never pass on the opportunity to dress up themselves, so do expect them to don some devilishly delightful attire. They will also sprinkle the stage area with suitably ghastly delights, with moonlit skulls, creepy lanterns, otherworldly beasties and nasties, all hiding in the shadows.

So book The Benedicts for your Halloween party now and prepare yourselves for the thrill of your afterlife!