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"Here comes the sun"...

Oh hello sunshine, long time no see!

The Summer season is wedding season and one of the busiest and most enjoyable periods in our calendar. The sun is shining; the prosecco is flowing, and all of life’s little niggles seem to evaporate under the Summer sun. We've visited so many gorgeous wedding venues so far this season; some familiar favourites that we were delighted to revisit, and others we were entirely new to, such as Maunsel House in Bridgwater - what a place that was!

Maunsel House, wedding venue
Maunsel House

Maybe it’s the fact that many folks are harbouring that festival spirit, but audiences just can’t seem to get enough of the dancefloor during the Summer months. But let us warn you, future audience members - Things do and will get sweaty. It’s an inevitable by-product of bouncing around on a seemingly airless dancefloor, made even more inevitable when surrounded by other sizzling bodies.

Trust me you can dance - alcohol, sign
Leigh Park Hotel

We like to encourage our audiences to embrace the sweat. Every drip running down your shiny forehead is like a little salty badge, boldly revealing your commitment to the music and should be worn with absolute pride. Another warning - what was once a faultless looking group of stylish individuals, dressed head-to-toe in expensive looking ensembles, may well deteriorate into a cloth-less mass of flesh. Ok, that’s slightly over-the-top admittedly. What I’m trying to say is, during hot bouts of weather and in unventilated venues particularly, it can get rather hot. So, keep yourselves hydrated. No, not by drinking more prosecco! Have yourself a glass of water. Easy. Lads – Lose (not literally!) the tie and jacket; undo a shirt button or 2; have no shame. Ladies – Free your feet and lose the heels. Obvious stuff, sure, but it all helps.

The Summer time is also a time for festivals, where the band can dress-down, ditch the ties and have a cheeky cider or 2 ourselves - Rejoice! This year we were thrilled to have been invited to perform at Westival 2019 – a delightful little festival on the South-coast, raising money on behalf of Amelia’s Rainbow, a local charity which supports children in Dorset and the surrounding areas who are suffering from any terminal, life-limiting, serious and chronic illness. Amelia and her families story is both heart-breaking and inspirational, so we were honoured to have been able to help support such a worthy cause, alongside Tunebox & Room13 – 2 very talented acts worth checking out!

In what is infinitely less important, these public events are often the only opportunity that we have where family and friends, plus past, present and potential future clients, can come and see us do what we do.

It’s always such a pleasure for us to be able to look out into an audience and see familiar faces smiling back at us. Keep an eagle-eye on our ‘Events’ page and Facebook to see when our next public appearance is – we would love to have you join us!

Catch you folks on the dancefloor,

Baz =)


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