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    Howdy all! Long-time, no speak! I hope you are all keeping healthy and happy! Wow, so much has happened in the world since my last post! Safe to say that every one of us has been affected by the pandemic by now, and The Benedicts are unfortunately just one of countless businesses across the globe that have suffered. From a personal perspective, the bands forced hiatus from performing has in fact allowed me to direct my attention towards other areas of my music career that had perhaps gone somewhat neglected over the years, and as a result, things have been admittedly rather quiet on The Benedicts-front; I do apologize for that! This band has been such a huge part of my working life for nearly 10 years (anniversary party anyone?!), so the opportunity to recalibrate, recharge and refocus, despite being entirely unplanned, has been rather welcome. The boys and I have of course been in regular contact throughout the pandemic and have long been preparing for the bands return (a couple times, actually, given the number of lockdowns and multiple false starts that we’ve all had to endure!), and I think it’s an understatement to say that we are all looking forward to performing on stage together again! Admittedly, the past 14 months have been a real test of character from an individual perspective, as we each desperately try to maintain our practise routines and to remain motivated and productive, all without having any real indication as to when we’ll be able to perform again. I’m sure the guys wouldn’t object when I say that we each pursued a career in music primarily due to our passion for performing, so being starved of that has left us feeling somewhat short of purpose. We are of course very aware that such feelings will not be limited to musicians and performers; people in every kind of profession will have been tested in similar ways, I’m sure. But things are now finally looking a little more positive, as the country cautiously follows the government’s roadmap out of lockdown. This is of course excellent news for all, and we are once again starting to receive enquiries as the events industry slowly begins to stir. Should the government’s roadmap proceed as planned without any further hiccups, then the band will be permitted to perform again as of 17th May, though under the terms below: Step 3 - 17th May The government will allow some larger performances and sporting events in indoor venues with a capacity of 1,000 people or half-full (whichever is a lower number), and in outdoor venues with a capacity of 4,000 people or half-full (whichever is a lower number). In the largest outdoor seated venues, where crowds can be spread out, up to 10,000 people will be able to attend (or a quarter-full, whichever is lower). Up to 30 people will be able to attend weddings, receptions, and wakes, as well as funerals. This limit will also apply to other types of significant life events including bar mitzvahs and christenings. This limit does not need to include suppliers and staff members. We fully understand that some folks will prefer to postpone their weddings and events rather than attempt to limit their guest lists to just 30 names. However, for those resilient souls who do choose to proceed during this period, it is important that we clarify that The Benedicts approach every single performance with the exact same level of professionalism, energy, and enthusiasm, and that the quality of the service that we provide never falters. We are 101% prepared, ready, and able to work with the proposed restrictions and fully accept that there may well be limitations on dancing and guest interaction. It is all perfectly workable, and I am fully confident that we can all still have a most excellent time celebrating together! Several of our clients are boldly choosing to proceed with their events during this period, so we do now have a confirmed start date, with rehearsals being scheduled imminently! Step 4 – 21st June All restrictions removed. The last step of the roadmap out of lockdown is scheduled to take place on the 21st June, where all remaining restrictions are expected to be removed (cue cautious yay!?). Admittedly this is best case scenario stuff, and it’s understandably difficult to look too far ahead. However, the band will nonetheless continue to prepare for this step, and we are now looking forward with a much greater sense of optimism. So, before I head off to reacquaint myself with the 200+ songs from our repertoire (!), I just wanted to thank those of you that do read my ramblings, particularly those that have supported and shown an interest in The Benedicts over the years and continue to do so; it means a lot to us and a great deal to me personally. I’d also like to send my best wishes to all the individuals, suppliers and other businesses that have been desperately trying to navigate their way through all of this; I genuinely hope to see as many of you as possible on the other side! Hopefully see you dudes on the dancefloor (in your bubbles!) very soon!

  • The Benedicts Are Open For Business: Performing Safely During Covid-19

    Howdy all! I hope you are all keeping healthy and happy enough during this rather rubbish time. The world is pretty unrecognisable, isn't it! There's likely not a business or individual on the planet that hasn't been affected by the pandemic in at least in some capacity, and The Benedicts are of course no exception to this, being unable to perform since March and essentially suspending most of our activity ever since! As performing in this band is a major source of income for all of our members, as well as providing each of us with a busy diary of gigs all year-round, these have been very testing times indeed, both financially and mentally, unfortunately. BUT... it appears there is finally some light at the end of this dim and dark tunnel!... As of the 13th August 2020, current government guidelines are now permitting live music both indoors and outdoors, which is of course incredibly positive news. We are very aware that these current regulations can change at any given moment and that not all venues are either capable or willing to host live music at this time, but still, this development will give performers such as ourselves the opportunity to get back to work. We are currently preparing various measures to ensure that we can comply with these guidelines and to help us operate in a safe manner by minimising contact between band members, venue staff and our audiences, and in turn helping to ease any concerns that many will understandably have. We want our clients, their venues and guests to know that we are doing everything that we can to ensure their safety while supplying the quality of entertainment that we've always provided. Things will, of course, be a little different, but by no means do they have to be less fun! Below we have listed the many actions that we are taking to encourage a COVID-secure environment for all during an indoor performance: - We will supply a large perspex screen to shield and separate the band from the audience/dance floor area, reducing all contact with band members and minimising any airborne transmissions. The screen will be thoroughly disinfected using antibacterial wipes before and after the performance, and audience members will be asked to refrain from interacting with the screen, as well as maintaining an acceptable distance from band members. - We will require a longer setup time so that can set up our equipment with minimal contact between band members. Members will also only set up their own personal equipment and will be required to wipe down surfaces/equipment that will be handled by others with antibacterial wipes. We are estimating that 1 hour 30 minutes + the standard 10-minute soundcheck will be sufficient. We will also require more time to dismantle the equipment at the end of the evening; approximately 45 minutes. - We will wear face masks at all times, except during the live performance itself, and will regularly wash our hands. - We will require more performance space than normal to separate individual band members and to maintain acceptable social distancing. We won’t be able to squeeze into any smaller spaces for example and will require as much width as possible (ideally at least 6m width x 4m depth, in order to maintain social distancing between band members). - The guidelines suggest limiting all audience participation during the performance, so we would be forced to tone down guests’ involvement, and no individuals other than the band will be permitted beyond the perspex screen. - Households must always remain socially distanced from each other during the performance (a single support bubble would count as one household). We will consistently communicate this throughout the performance. So, there's a couple of rules there to follow, but in general, it's very manageable and won't dampen any celebrations. As long as your venue is able to comply with the current government guidelines themselves and is happy to host a live band then we are 100% good to go! Like so many acts around the world, The Benedicts are desperate to get performing again and we will do everything we can to ensure that all parties involved, from the client to the venue, and from fellow suppliers to the guests themselves, are comfortable with the measures that we are taking. We are incredibly flexible and more than happy to adopt additional measures should you are your venue require so, so please, do get in touch should this be the case - we are super friendly (and admittedly a little goofy)! ;) Given that our 2020 diary has been near decimated following 5 months worth of cancellations and postponements, we do now have lots and lots of availability throughout the remainder of the year, with some dates still available for 2021 also, so do shoot us a message if we can be of any service to you and your event! Above anything else though, we sincerely hope that you are all coping and staying healthy, and that we really hope to see some of you very very soon! Catch you dudes on the dancefloor (socially distancing of course)! Baz =P

  • A Benedicts Guide to Postponements

    Yikes, what a start to 2020! In amongst all the uncertainty, I’m sure all of us would agree that we would love nothing more than to never read another article on the Coronavirus again; quite frankly we are sick (pun unintended!) and tired of it ourselves! So, in a perhaps feeble attempt to avoid regurgitating what you’ve already likely read or heard elsewhere, I’m going to try and focus on solely what to do when being forced to consider postponing your event, or as a last resort, cancelling altogether, and to offer you some support and advice. Hopefully it might be of help to a few of you, if not, it is preventing me from getting devoured by my sofa! · If you’re worried that your event might be at risk of postponement or cancellation, though are yet to hear from any of your suppliers, then get in touch with your booked venue first to see what the situation is on their side. In our current predicament, things are admittedly changing all the time, but venues will by now have a contingency plan in place and will be able to let you know their intentions moving forward. · Chat with your venue to discuss your options. All suppliers, including ourselves, are going to have to be very accommodating and flexible during this time and they will want to avoid any cancellations, so the chances are that they are going to be very keen to help you reschedule your event with minimal changes. · If your venue does request that you reschedule your event, ask them for a list of alternative dates. Most venues will offer you more than a few to choose from, though as they are all likely dealing with a whole bunch of postponements and cancellations, this will understandably vary. Do your best to stay open to all alternative dates, whether that be a weekday event, an off-peak date or a date that seems a little too far away for your liking, as the more options you have the better! · Once you have some potential dates to play with, take these to the rest of your suppliers asap. We anticipate that replacement dates will get snapped up rather quickly and some venues may well operate on a first come first served basis, so make haste to avoid missing out on your top choices! · There is, of course, the unfortunate possibility that some of your suppliers won’t be available on the alternative dates that were offered by your venue. It therefore may well become a case of opting for the date that most of your suppliers are available on! We know that this would be disappointing for many, as no doubt you took time and effort in choosing your suppliers, but on the positive side of this, there will be many amazing suppliers actively looking to fill their diaries once this whole situation settles down, so our guess is that you’ll be spoilt for choice! · In the event of cancellation, again your individual suppliers will likely have a contingency plan for this in place and I expect these vary somewhat. Most I’m afraid will charge a fee for a cancellation, though I imagine this would be significantly less than what is charged during normal circumstances. · Once you have confirmed your rescheduled date with all of your available suppliers and they have it firmly in their diaries, then you can take a deep breath and relax knowing that it’s all sorted… again! We are so very sorry to all of you who have seen your events be postponed and cancelled over the past few weeks, particularly knowing the amount of thought and planning that goes into organising each of them. Do your best to stay positive – your events will happen, as you imagined, eventually, and although it may mean even more planning and waiting before then, it does actually give you more time to plan and prepare, and that can never be a bad thing! If you booked The Benedicts to perform for you, then rest assured that we are here to help you; we’re only an email, call or text away! We will not charge for the rescheduling of any event during this time and we are willing to liaise with your other suppliers to keep the flow of communication…well… flowing – just keep us posted on your situations! It’s a difficult time for everyone, including self-employed people like ourselves, whose income is of course affected significantly. All we can do is keep calm and carry on… it’s actually the perfect opportunity to have yourselves a little rest! Wishing all of you good health and happiness over the coming weeks and months ‘til we see you again on the dancefloor! Baz =) #weddingbandshampshire #weddingbandsdorset #weddingbandssomerset #weddingbandswiltshire #partyband #functionband #coverband #bandsforhire #weddingbandsforhire #bandforhire #hampshire #dorset #partybandhampshire #partybanddorset #partybandwiltshire #partybandsomerset #liveband #livebanddorset #livebandhampshire #proseccoforbreakfast #ukbusinesses #selfemployed #Keepcalmandcarryon

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  • ABOUT | The Benedicts Wedding Band & Covers Band | Hampshire

    ABOUT THE BENEDICTS START PARTIES. It’s just what they do. They are full-time professionals; an award-winning live entertainment business that’s armed and ready to rock your socks off, meaning your wedding, function or party could simply not be in the hands of a more capable and contagious live band! Founded by musician Baz Edmondson in 2011, the band was set up to bring world-class live entertainment to the people of Britain and beyond! Since their formation, the band have established themselves as one of the country's leading 4-piece pop/rock cover bands, wowing countless audiences all over Hampshire , Dorset , Surrey , Wiltshire , Somerset , throughout the UK and right around the globe! With literally 1000's of performances and several overseas tours under their belt, as well as working with some of the industry's most prestigious entertainment agencies, the band can use their invaluable experience, adaptability, and expertise to deliver the perfect live entertainment package for your event! ​ Consisting of four core full-time members, you can book entirely at ease knowing that when you hire The Benedicts for your event you will be hiring a highly experienced professional act that performs and rehearses with each other week-in, week-out, right throughout the year, and they have been doing exactly that since the band came into existence. Each member is totally dedicated to their craft and bring their exceptionally high standards to every event that they are invited to perform. Individually they have performed for and alongside many household names and artists, some of which include The Darkness, Funeral For A Friend, Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), and have even appeared as musicians on The X-Factor and Pop-Idol! ​ ​ MEET THE BAND WHY BOOK THE BENEDICTS? AWARD-WINNING SERVICE An award-winning professional entertainment business with a decade’s worth of experience operating and performing within the industry. BESPOKE PACKAGES Fully bespoke entertainment packages to suit all events and all budgets. Choose from a variety of options to build your perfect combination. PLI & PAT CERTIFIED Fully insured with public liability cover for up to £10,000,000 and all equipment is PAT-Tested annually by a certified electrician. EXTENSIVE REPERTOIRE A tried and tested repertoire of 200+ hit songs. Build the perfect setlist and select the songs you and your guests know and love. 5* CUSTOMER RATING Proud holders of a 100% customer satisfaction record. View testimonials from past clients on the reviews page, on Google and Facebook . CUSTOMER SUPPORT Clear, friendly & precise communication, with contracts, receipts and invoices supplied, providing full support & guidance throughout. NO HIDDEN FEES No agency commission, no hidden fees and no unnecessary middlemen involved; you always deal directly with members of the band. TOUR-GRADE EQUIPMENT Only the highest quality equipment is used, with spares of everything to leave absolutely nothing to chance. BUILD YOUR PACKAGE FAQ CONTACT BLOG REVIEWS

  • CONTACT | The Benedicts Wedding Band & Covers Band | Hampshire

    CONTACT GOT A QUESTION OR WOULD LIKE A QUOTE? Then fill in the contact form below. You can also send The Benedicts an email , give them a call or even shoot them a text ; the band are here to help and cannot wait to hear from you! Don’t forget to head over to the FAQ page to browse through some of the band's most commonly asked questions, and use the online calendar to check to see if your date is available! * Required ABOUT YOU First name* Last name Email* (Please ensure a valid email address is provided) Phone ABOUT YOUR EVENT Type of Event* Choose one Date of Event* Location of Event* (eg: venue name, town or city) Are You Interested In A Particular Package?* BRONZE SILVER GOLD Any Additional Extras? Acoustic Duo Live Song Request Microphone For Speeches Early Set-up Late Finish Wedding Content Creator (Optional) Message FOR US How Did You Hear About The Benedicts? Choose one Submit GET IN TOUCH Phone +447841825841 Mail Location pin The Benedicts Bailiffs Mead, Stapehill Road Wimborne, Dorset BH21 7NF FAQ SERVICES BLOG CLIENT AREA

  • Live Band For Hire | The Benedicts Wedding Band & Covers Band | Hampshire

    ​​HAMPSHIRE & DORSET'S PREMIER WEDDING BAND & COVERS BAND! ​​AWARD-WINNING LIVE MUSIC & ENTERTAINMENT SERVICE AVAILABLE FOR HIRE WORLDWIDE As one of the UK's leading professional 4-piece wedding bands, The Benedicts are available for hire across Hampshire , Dorset , Surrey , Wiltshire , Somerset and throughout the UK and abroad for weddings , parties, festivals, corporate events , functions and residencies, 365 days a year! The Benedicts are an award-winning live covers band that deliver explosive, high-octane shows that feature the very best party tunes from across the decades! From Rock 'n' Roll to Rhythm 'n' Blues; from Pop to Rock and Funk to Soul, The Benedicts are one of the few wedding bands in the country that can cover them all, serving up hit after hit until your eyes and ears are 100% satisfied! The band will provide a completely tailor-made live music service to suit your event and budget, working with you every single step of the way to ensure that your wedding entertainment, function or party is truly unforgettable and surpasses every expectation! The Benedicts guarantee that their dance-inducing song-list of classic party anthems and breath-taking live show will have everybody on their feet dancing and singing along...all night long...and all the way home! Resistance is futile! ​ ​ FIND OUT MORE SONG-LIST AUDIO PHOTOS VIDEOS "If you want to have the best wedding or party ever then book The Benedicts!" MR & MRS LEFEUVRE WEDDING HAMPSHIRE READ OUR REVIEWS WORLD-CLASS LIVE ENTERTAINMENT FOR EVERY OCCASION The Benedicts are available worldwide for weddings, private parties, corporate functions, Halloween, Christmas, and NYE events. The band are also available for venue and cruise ship residencies, global tours, and festivals. ​ ​ WEDDING HALLOWEEN PARTY CHRISTMAS CORPORATE NEW YEARS EVE WHAT WE OFFER CHECK AVAILABILITY GET IN TOUCH Phone +447841825841 Mail ENQUIRY FORM THE BENEDICTS PROUDLY WORK WITH Alive Network Scarlett Entertainment DFDS Seaways Freak Music Last Minute Musicians 1/2

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